Company foundation & expansion partners

Start your business in Dubai and benefit from 0 - 9 % taxes

And with a 100 % guarantee of success!

Extent is the all-inclusive partner for
A fast and convenient setup of your business in Dubai
Maximum security through guarantees on bank accounts, visas, insurance and more
Additional services from a single source to ensure the growth of your business.
Extent your Business!
Extent is the all-inclusive partner for
A fast and convenient setup of your business in Dubai
Maximum security through guarantees on bank accounts, visas, insurance and more
Additional services from a single source to ensure the growth of your business.
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Extent your Business!

Unlimited opportunities

Dubai is the country for 10X growth!

Costs for tax consultants and accounting are greatly reduced
Clarity and freedom due to the elimination of bureaucracy and potential penalties
Network of high-profile entrepreneurs and investors for new projects
High quality of life and motivation through an inspiring environment
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Extent your Business!

Why Extent?

What sets us apart from others?

Officially licensed as Corporate Service Provider and is authorized by the government to establish companies
European company with English- and German-speaking contact persons
Compliance with privacy standards and non-disclosure agreements
Individual advice and support with a guarantee for bank accounts and visas
Views company formation only as the beginning of a long-term partnership and offers a whole ecosystem in Dubai
Comprehensive range of services from a single source for all challenges
High-quality network to social and business circles in the UAE
Other founding companies, Corporate provider companies:
Do not have a corporate service license and actually illegally establish companies
Impersonal and automated standard advice
Insensitive handling of personal and confidential data
Only provide licenses and leave you stranded, for example, when opening a bank account
Aim to sell as many licenses as possible cheaply in order to profit from annual commissions
No acceptance of accounting processes, and no assistance with finding housing
No support in building your network

This is how it works

Process plan for expansion with Extent


Free initial consultation

15 - 30 minutes

In our initial consultation, we will determine together what your concern is and how we can best assist you.



60 Minutes

During the actual consultation, we will develop a legally compliant and stable concept that will facilitate the expansion into the UAE with minimal bureaucratic effort.


License and documents

10 Minutes

After defining the goals, we will take care of applying for all the documents and licenses that will be needed in the further course of the process.


Visa application

120 Minutes

To be able to expand in the Emirates, a visa is required. However, applying for such a visa is associated with a high degree of bureaucratic effort, which is why we will accompany you to all necessary appointments concerning visas. This service includes health checks, fingerprints, and the creation of Emirates ID for all relevant persons.


Account opening

15 - 30 Minutes

Once the Emirates ID is available, we will take care of opening private and commercial bank accounts for you. This is a very complex process that requires many years of experience and expertise.


Starting in Dubai

∞ Minutes

After your company has been successfully established, we will take further measures to ensure long-term success. After all, starting a business is just the beginning of a long successful journey.

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Extent your Business!

An investment that's worth it

Most popular
More power & personalization
on request

Everything from the Starter Package and

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    Private bank account & company bank account

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    Accompaniment by international-speaking dubai experts on all matters

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    Personal pick-up by our chauffeur in a luxury car

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    Express visa & bank procedure without waiting times & without long queues

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    Premium business address (ULA or Ejari)

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    VIP Express foundation in a few days

All fees of the authorities included

More security is not possible

We guarantee your success!

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Extent your Business!
100% Money-Back Guarantee for your Bank Account, Visas & VIP Service!
Getting a business license in Dubai is not difficult and is offered by many providers. However, what many do not offer is a guarantee for a bank account. In Dubai, it is not easy to get a bank account. If an unsuitable license is issued, the project can quickly become very expensive. On the other hand, we guarantee that you will get a bank account within 2–4 weeks. You can also count on us for your visa, VIP service, and insurance!

It has to make sense

For whom does a foundation and expansion in Dubai make sense?

  • Agencies & online shops
  • Real estate agents
  • investors
  • Trading companies
  • Coaches and consultants
  • Doctors and lawyers

Insights & insider knowledge

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Extent your Business!

Establishing a company is just the beginning

We want to grow with you!

With over +550 successful startups and excellent knowledge of both the UAE and European markets, we are the industry-leading partner for expansion and starting up in the Emirates.

Starting up is only the smallest part of a collaboration with us, as much more is usually needed in addition to the founding process. Whether it's personnel, marketing, housing, offices, or even a car.

We have everything you need and a large network that gives you a massive advantage right away. Accordingly, we respond to our customers every day with the utmost interest and always take care of all tasks with care.

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Extent your Business!
Start your expansion now and benefit from 0 % taxes!
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Extent your Business!


Frequently asked questions

How much does a service package cost at EXTENT?

It would be unprofessional to give an exact number, as various factors such as the number of visas and bank accounts play a role. Prices for a startup package start at 13,500 USD and vary depending on the desired services. We are happy to provide a specific offer after an informal consultation. This way, we can consider the individual needs and requirements of the customer and put together a tailored package.

What services does EXTENT offer?

At EXTENT, we specialize in company formation and relocation and also offer support with immigration and visa applications to the UAE. Our team of experts is available to help you every step of the way to success.

Why should I start a company in the UAE?

You can benefit from the favorable business environment with low taxes and the ability to transfer capital abroad without restrictions. The strategic location of the UAE can help you expand your business opportunities and facilitate international trade. And last but not least, the UAE offers a high quality of life with top-notch schools and hospitals, as well as a diverse cultural scene that can enrich your personal life.

Can I also contact EXTENT for real estate matters?

EXTENT not only specializes in company formations, but also provides assistance in buying or selling properties. In our office, you will find a team of real estate experts specializing in the German-speaking market and possessing extensive knowledge of the real estate market in the United Arab Emirates. We are here to discuss your concerns and help you find the right property.