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From the motivation to change something in the market.

Der Gründer hinter EXTENT – Dr. Ossama Alasmar

Viele Deutsche wollen in Dubai eine Firma gründen, um Steuern zu sparen, die hohe Lebensqualität zu genießen und die beeindruckende Kultur zu erleben. Doch die Bürokratie in Dubai ist anders als in Deutschland und deshalb kann es schwierig werden, eine Firma zu eröffnen.

Als Dr. Ossama Alasmar nach Dubai auswandern wollte, um sich eine neue Existenz als Neurochirurg aufzubauen, wurden ihm zunächst große Steine in den Weg gelegt.


Dr. Ossama Alasmar

As the founder of now eight companies based in Dubai, Dr. Ossama Alasmar believes that every person with a great vision will find exactly the right place in Dubai to realize their dreams.

He founded EXTENT to enable investors and successful entrepreneurs to relocate to Dubai quickly and smoothly.The foundation of EXTENT was "actually" not the original plan.

Because everything turned out differently than expected ...

Illegal company formation, collusion, successful start-up - how it all began

As a trained neurosurgeon with 12 years of professional experience, Mr. Alasmar wanted to start a new business in Dubai.

Due to his tourist visa, he had only 3 months to start his business. Through a recommendation from an old college friend, he got in touch with a startup consultant.

After a few weeks the company was applied for at the authorities. Together with an application for an extended visa.


At least for the moment..

Because as it turned out, everything stood on a rather shaky foundation ...

After several weeks of waiting and silence came the terrible news:

You have 4 weeks to leave the country.

The Dubai Police contacted Dr. Alasmar.

The visa extension had been canceled.

Through an acquaintance who is familiar with the Dubai Economic Department and has contacts in the bureaucracy, he also learned the reason for the cancellation:

"Ossama, the company you set up was set up illegally."

He made his way to the Dubai Economic Department to clarify the matter. Through a personal conversation with the department chief, the company formation was stopped with immediate effect.

As it turned out, Osama's formation advisor had held a secret meeting with an employee of the Dubai Economic Department to set up the company despite false information in the application.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case ...

Fraudulent company formation is a business model

Many black sheep in Dubai speculate on the ignorance of their clients from abroad. And it was precisely such a scammer that Ossama fell victim to, despite the recommendation of a friend.

The company formation had been filed ineffectively from the beginning. Twelve activities had been registered - out of only two possible. Everything from lifestyle coaching to event management was included.

But because the bureaucracy in Dubai is excellently organized, the fraud was quickly discovered.

Unfortunately at Ossama's expense. In addition to a high loss of money, he now also had legal difficulties.

The founding consultant had disappeared from the face of the earth. Despite having his own office ...

But after Ossama transparently explained his case to the head of the Dubai Economic Department, they came to an agreement ...

One activity was allowed to be kept

But which one should it be?
Through his own history, he came up with the idea:

With Arabic language skills, academic background knowledge and some contacts, he had initially hit the ground running with his company foundation anyway.

How would a German entrepreneur fare - without Arabic language skills, academic background knowledge and contacts?

The matter was clear:
He kept the Activity „corporate provider“

This allowed him to legally start companies for others. And the first one he founded single-handedly this time was his own: EXTENT.

Let's fast forward the story a bit at this point ...

Meanwhile more than 550+ company foundations

Starting with his circle of friends from Germany, he has now founded more than 550+ companies in total.

As a specialist in neurosurgery, he goes through each company foundation meticulously and like a precise operation with his customers.

Every scenario and every detail is considered and played through in advance, so that everything is clean and easy from the start.

His success rate is 100%. And even if the company formation should fail, Dr. Alasmar offers an unconditional money-back guarantee.

Because he wants to be able to look in the mirror every day with a clear conscience.

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